the better mobile toilet


Are you looking to hire stylish mobile toilet facilities? WOW Toilets offers you the perfect solution for your event, no matter how large or small … We provide high-quality temporary sanitary solutions at any location. At the same time, we give your guests a wonderfully pleasant WOW experience!

Our toilet trailers are developed for the luxury market. They are split into three sections. The ‘Ladies’ compartment consists of three hanging toilets with a high-quality wash table in the public zone. The ‘Gentlemen’ compartment includes four waterless urinals and one hanging toilet with matching furnishings. Everything is provided with a high-quality finish and an eye for detail. The outside can be personalised with magnetic stickers on request.



The renting party is required to provide two separate 220 V (16 amp) electrical connection points. They must be available from the moment the toilet facilities are delivered until the time they are collected. This is required for the correct start-up/shutdown of the trailer, as well as the grinder pump system.



The client must provide a water point, a maximum of 50 m from the toilet trailer. It must be possible to connect a Gardena water hose to it. Sufficient water flow is vital! This water supply must be accessible from the moment of delivery until the time of collection.



For the sanitary drainage, we work with a collection tank fitted with a grinder pump system. This provides the drainage to the sewerage system (typically 25 m, but extendable to 75 m).



L 6.20 m (8.10 m including the frame at the front of the trailer) x W 2.50 m x H 3.20 m



The renting party is to provide a sketch of the planned location and situation in which the toilet trailer is to be set up, as well as the practical details relating to power, water supply and drainage. In consultation with the renting party, we shall decide whether this is sufficient in relation to accessibility/underground/water supply and drainage.



Request your customised, obligation-free quote via hello@wow-toilets.be.

The toilet trailer is delivered with a waste bin / toilet brush / reserve toilet-paper holder in every toilet. We also supply sufficient toilet paper (22 rolls) as well as washing gel for hands, scented candles and paper towels (2 x 200 + 1000 reserve).


You also have the option of hiring terrycloth guest hand towels. We provide 100 towels for €50.